Balloon Art Exhibition


Inflated Inspirations, sponsored by Kersey Solicitors, is an installation of Balloon Art that tells the story of Pop My Mind, a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines.

The installation takes place at the Waterfront Gallery, part of the University of Suffolk, in Ipswich during the Summer of 2017

The work sees a full-size tree grow from the centre of the gallery with its branches leading out to new works inspired by pieces in the Pop My Mind collection. The work is immersive and interactive, encouraging visitors to walk through, touch and explore the art. It is hoped that visitors see the sculptures as art before they notice that they are made from balloons.

Most people have seen balloon models made at fetes and festivals, some have seen impressive displays at weddings and parties.  However we will be taking things much further and creating designs that tell a story and challenges you to think of balloon art in the same way as you might view theatre, pottery or even paintings.

During the exhibition there will be a full programme of activities for both children and adults to enjoy.



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