Introducing Emily Godden

Inflated Inspirations will use art created by those on the ‘Pop My Mind’ forum for inspiration for the completed work.  We will take a look at each artist in turn to find out a bit more about them.

Image Emily Godden

Photo credit: Emily Godden, Rhizome 2.0, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, produced by Pacitti Company. Photo by Christa Holka.

Emily Godden’s practice is currently focused around printmaking stretched into its broadest sense of existence to explore, document and translate both physically and naturally occurring traces through the medium of print.
In recent work she has used virtual reality as a mechanism to transmit data and communicate traces to exploit the essence of print in a post-digital landscape.

I enjoy the challenges of site specific work as well as creating works outside of the typical studio environment. My current practice develops my research into Printmaking 2.0 to negotiate new media and digital technologies within old print technologies such as etching.

At present I am researching the notion of the melted matrix within printmaking to develop works that situate the body between the print and the screen. Working with the body as both a source of data and means of data capture I am forming the creation of Live printing to use the information superhighway to stream live prints through the Internet to explore the connected post-human body.


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