Meet the Balloon Artists

The exhibition of balloon art will be created by many artists, some who may never have worked with balloons before, who will take part in three days on hands-on workshops led by four leading Balloon Artists.

Balloon Artists

If you want to take part in the event, we still have spaces on the workshops and you can find out more details by clicking here.

Here are each of the Balloon Artists…

Samuel Stamp-Dod, CBA


Samuel Stamp-Dod, CBA has won several awards for his balloon art at international competitions and strives to be innovative with his customer’s designs ensuring he delivers the ‘wow factor’. He has worked in the education sector before turning his ‘hobby job’ of ten years into a full-time career in 2013
Samuel decided to create ‘Inflated Inspirations’ as he wants to open people’s eyes to how balloons can be used as a medium to create art and cannot wait to see what people’s reactions to the exhibition are

Natalie Saunders

Natalie Saunders describes herself as always having been a bit ‘crafty’. Sixteen years ago her friend asked her to decorate her wedding with balloons. She’d never touched a balloon before but gave it a go! A few months later she got herself trained as a balloon professional and hasn’t looked back since
Natalie has had the pleasure of working on some amazing jobs including Harrods window displays and the Big Brother House. She recently helped on an art exhibition called Cherophobia which was supporting an artist ten feet from the ground with 20,000 latex balloons!

Mike Hurst, CBA.jpg

In a relatively short career, Mike Hurst, CBA has built a home-based business into a small retail shop in Northamptonshire, attended conventions in foreign countries, become a certified balloon artist, travelled to Israel to teach balloon personalisation and will soon be running a class in his home town how to make large scale balloon numbers. He also recently won a competition for deliverable balloon bouquets and will go on to represent the UK in the worldwide final.

lucy hennessy

Up until 2013 Lucy Hennessy, CBA taught City & Guild Balloon Display levels 1,2,3 at Capel Manor College and now, as well as running ‘Balloon Power’ she is also an instructor for Qualatex throughout the world.
She has been working with balloon since 2001 and won several awards for her designs and creations including some for her large sculptures at IPS and winning NABAS Decorator of The Year in 2006
Lucy has also been involved with designing some of the décor for the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Christmas Parties


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