The Balloons have arrived!


With only a couple of weeks to go, nearly 14,000 balloons have been delivered to VIP Balloons ready for the big build!

The Inflated Inspirations exhibition plans to use approximately 10,000 of the balloons delivered in a number of different ways.

There are 600 modelling balloons; 180 foil balloons; 4,000 11″ and 8,000 5″ “normal” balloons; 950 Quicklink balloons that tie at both ends; 250 16″; ten 36″ and even one that is 5’6″.

These balloons will be used in a number of different ways to create several different designs.  We plan to use traditional techniques that turn columns of balloons into tree trunks, modelling balloons will be twisted into creations and foil balloons will be re-shaped using a heat sealing machine to produce a giant crossword.  The baby balloons will be put together to create a massive pixelated version of an oil painting as well as joining the Quicklink balloons together to make a building.  The giant 5’6″ balloon?  Well that will be used to create something really special!

We are still looking for people to join us for the big build.  We will be running hands-on workshops where four leading industry experts will be leading you in creating the designs.  The workshops will be suitable for anyone aged 18 or over.  No experience in working with balloons is needed.  To book onto the workshops click here.




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