The Artists Who Inspired Us

Inflated Inspirations has been inspired by several artist of all disciplines.  These are all members of the online forum Pop My Mind.

Roseanne Ganley image

Roseanne Ganley

Roseanne Ganley is a spoken word performer, writer and creative interested in creating works that inspire and influence her creative practice. Roseanne has explored the use of digital photography, spoken word and the written word on the Pop My Mind platform, speaking out about issues surrounding conformity, struggles with anxiety and depression and the expression of her love and passion for travel.

Image Liam Taylor

Liam Taylor

Liam Taylor is a composer for multimedia and music technician from Cambridge. He has created a variety of pieces for Pop My Mind including electronic minimalism, sound designs and more traditional pop & rock compositions. Most intriguing are his creations centred around audio-visual interaction and image sonification.
Sonification is a way of digitally translating data or still visuals into audio. Liam takes works from the Pop My Mind community, and uses software to translate them into raw audio files, which are then manipulated in his recording studio. His pieces entitled Black Hole Sonification and Waves Sonification demonstrate the creative potential of sonification, with the latter introducing more reconizably “musical” ideas.
In 2016 Liam transformed these and other pieces into a live performance, using MIDI triggers, loopers and Video-DJ software, for Pop My Mind’s Sonification Live event.

Anthony Wooding image

Anthony Wooding

Ant is a rather restless artist who experiments in different paints and digital format. Much of his work delves into spiritual and philosophical themes. In 2013 he had an exhibition of his ‘Native American inspired’ work in Ipswich Town Hall, and gave a talk about it, with which he subsequently went ‘on the road’. He regularly appeared at The Freudian Sheep in Ipswich. 6 monthly exhibitions of work by local artists take place at his firm, Kerseys Solicitors, and the firm itself takes a major place in promoting the arts in Ipswich and beyond.

Ant uploaded to PMM a new work ‘Non Pseudo Man’ which was ‘sonified’ by Liam Taylor. He was fascinating to hear his own art work ‘talk back’ to him! Later he was private messaging at length about the PPM art and matters arty generally with fellow artist Michelle Bowden. He liked the strong images she creates, on the border of representational and abstract. They exchanged images and drawings in the messaging. This led her to upload the messaging string ITSELF as a work which he latter popped with his own work ‘Conversation Piece’!

Also from this exchange Anthony created for PMM ‘Green Man’, based on a painting he had done but altered into something else entirely by successive digital layering and manipulation. The whole essence of the Green Man figure in history is how one can represent humanity at one within nature, not trying to dominate nature. Stone craftsmen in medieval churches used to sneak in ‘green men’ in little nooks as a kind of antidote to the homocentric religious images they were contracted to produce. Ant’s original painting imagined a stain glass of Green Man in Church, an image resonating back to this juxtaposition. The modern digitalisation of his original ‘Green Man’ seems to build on this ancient tradition as the face seems to fade further back within the ‘leafy’ layers. When Samuel contacted Ant about ‘Inspiring Installations’ and said he would like to use one of his works, Ant says he knew immediately that it must be ‘Green Man’ that was the one he meant. Samuel said he would try to pop ‘Green Man’ with balloon art, and Ant really looks forward to seeing that.

Image Luke Mayo

Luke Mayo
Luke Mayo has a strong, deeply-felt passion for expressing himself through writing. This self-expression generally takes the form of poetry, with occasional ventures into short stories. Luke enjoys setting his work to a rhyme scheme, taking the lead from comic writers such as Spike Milligan and Eric Idle.

Luke got involved with Pop My Mind in his final year of an English degree at the University of Suffolk (formerly University Campus Suffolk) Ipswich. Having undertaken the degree, and immersed himself into Pop My Mind, Luke has found new ways to embark on many writing activities. Pop My Mind, in particular, has given Luke an opportunity to consistently hone his creative voice and technique.

Luke seeks to continue his creative pursuits in the future, looking for other opportunities to share his writing with others.

Image Jessi Brown.jpg

Jessi Brown

Jessi is a Digital Designer with over 4 years experience working freelance and in-house. As a part of the Pop My Mind team, Jessi has designed the website’s alpha build through to beta, developing the platform’s digital interface, and building its visual identity across a variety of mediums.


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